TNS Digital Names API Wiki


The Total Network Service, Inc. (TNS) Digital Name API was built with the programmer in mind and is a signature project listing within the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) Community Groups. Developed in the latest version of Adobe Cold Fusion, The TNS Digital Names API opperates via receiving easy to read commands that actuates a host of functionalities, which enable such things as developing a crypto currency wallet, building a Digital Names reseller website, or even creating a Digital Names open marketplace.

In emphasizing a developer-friendly experience, the TNS Digital Names API was design in such a manner as to make it not only easily accessible to any server-side programming language, but to make it a format that is instantly recognizeable to any developer who has even novice experience in interacting with APIs.

What Is A Digital Name

A Digital Name is an alpha numerical string of characters that acts as a referance to a crypto currency wallet public key. All Digital Names MUST start with the "$" character. An example of a Digital Name would be:


Digital Names can include capital letters as well:


All alpha-numerical characters can be used in a Digital Name. However, THE ONLY special characters that can be used in a Digital Name are:

Note that the "$" character can only preceed a Digital Name. It cannot be used within one.

Why Use A Digital Name

With the increased popularity and useage of crypto currencies, as well as the rising volume of crypto currency transactions, the need has arisen for a method of transfering crypto funds that is easier than the current method. The current method of transfering crypto currencies from one user to another relies on copying and pasting the public keys of the recipient into the sending apparatus of the sender of the funds.

Public keys are a string of letters and numbers that can be from 26 to 34 characters long. An example of what a public key looks like can be seen below:


As can easily be witnessed, depending on such a method as copying and pasting a string of characters that is unrecognizeable, not human-readable, and not user-friendly leaves plenty of room for error.

Enter the Digital Name!

Digital Names are a superior means of insuring the proper delivery of crypto currencies to an individual, because a Digital Name is instantly recognizeable, easily human-readable, and superbly user-friendly.

In sum, Digital Names do for crypto currency public keys what domain names did for IP addresses and websites.

About The API Commands

Each API command follows a simple format. An example of an API command would be:**&command=checkcredits

Here, the section "" is the url of the API where calls are being made to and "?apikey=**" is the query for which API key (user) is asking for access to the API and is making the call. Here, the "**" represents where the actual API key would be inserted.

Developers can receive their TNS Digital Name API key by visiting visiting the TNS Developer Package shopping cart. at

Finally, there is the actual command, which is the segment "&command=checkcredits".


As a blockchain infrastructure company, Total Network Service, Inc. takes the topic of internet security VERY SERIOUSLY. As such, the TNS Digital Name API features multiple layers of security. Understandably, we cannot disclose how many layers of security or what the nature of each layer is. However, we can disclose that two of our layers of security include uniquely generated API keys as well as a syncronization that allows the TNS Digital Name API to identify from which server is an API call coming from and whether or not that server is recognized as being allowed to interact.