Admin Commands

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Admin Commands are the suite of commands that make it possible for third parties to become resellers of Digital Names. Calls made to the TNS Digital Names API with these commands will, among other tasks, check to see how many credits remain within the reseller's account, so that the application can know whether or not a transaction can take place.

An important item to note is that the initial admin settings configuration with the API key and API url will be updated. At that time, the Server Sync should also be executed. This will ensure the website and API Key will be synchronized for proper functionality. The final step is to transfer credits to the speculators/resellers.

Listing of Admin Commands

Command Name Command Line Return Notes
API Settings/Server Sync**&command=serversync Return = IP Address synced Will sync server and API Key.
Check Credits**&command=checkcredits Return = credits Will check credit balance for reseller "apikey".
Transfer Credits**&command=movecredits&toapikey=**&qty=** Return = credits Will check credit balance for reseller "apikey".