Developer Program

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The Developer Program is a membership offered by TNS that can be obtained for $49.95USD and lasts a lifetime. The program is designed to allow web developers and software engineers to create solutions that integrate with the Digital Names technology of TNS. These solutions can include such applications as wallets and marketplaces.

Through the TNS Developer Program, developers receive such perks as:

  • Invited to become part of the W3C community
  • Access to the TNS bulk rate pricing to help expand your profit margins.
  • Access to the TNS API system used to integrate with your B2C platform.
  • Free example code to use on your B2C platform.
  • Free server, courtesy of TNS, for your needs

More about this program can be learned by visiting Additionally, mention of this program is made within the TNS Blockchain Community Group on the W3C (World Wide Consortium) website at