Marketplace Commands

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Just as such domain name providers as GoDaddy provide a marketplace where it is possible for owners of domain names to sell their domain names for profit, interested parties with the means are able to leverage a collection of commands from the TNS Digital Names API to build their own marketplace for open trade. The group of API commands associated with such an endeavor are listed within the marketplace commands of the Api.

A prime example of a website that is taking full advantage of the marketplace API commands can be viewed at the website built by a third party reseller of Digital Names.

List of Marketplace Commands

Command Name Command Line Return Notes
Sell Digital Names / Listed**&command=sellname&digitalname=$**&cc=**cat=**&price=**&paymentaddress=** Return = 0 or 1 Digital Name, cc, cat, price, paymentaddresses are all required.
Sell Digital Names / Cancel**&command=sellname&digitalname=$**&cc=**&price= Return = 0 or 1 Digital Name and cc are required. Price=null to remove listed status.
Sell Digital Names / List Categories**&command=sellcats Will return a list of all selling categories. Optional Display = JSON or HTML
Transfer Digital Name - Start**&command=transfer&action=start&digitalname=$**&transferdigitalname=$** Return = 1 or (success) / 0 "digitalname" and "transferdigitalname" required.
Transfer Digital Name - Cancel**&command=transfer&action=start&action=cancel&digitalname=$** Return = 1 or (success) / 0 "digitalname" and "transferdigitalname" required.
Transfer Digital Name - Accept**&command=transfer&action=accept&digitalname=$** Return = 1 or (success) / 0 "digitalname" and "transferdigitalname" required.
Transfer Digital Name - Deny**&command=transfer&action=deny&digitalname=$** Return = 1 or (success) / 0 "digitalname" and "transferdigitalname" required.
Digital Name - History**&command=transfer&action=history&digitalnae=$**&rows=10 Optional rows = Return = JSON or HTML Will display transfer history