Speculator Commands

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The TNS Digital Names API makes it possible for there to be third party resellers of Digital Names. Anyone interested in being a reseller of Digital Names will purchase credits from TNS at tiered rates fixed by quantity, which provides the reseller the ability to sell Digital Names at whatever price the wish in order to make a profit.

List of Speculator Commands

Command Name Command Line Return Notes
Credit Balance https://usa.tnsapi.cloud/call.cfm?apikey=**&command=blockchainkey&digitalname=**&cc=**&symbol=**&key=** Return = credit balance Digital Name, cc, symbol, and key are required.
Buy Digital Names https://usa.tnsapi.cloud/call.cfm?apikey=**&command=blockchainkey&digitalname=**&cc=**&symbol=**&key= Return = 0 or success Key = null to delete
Buy Credits https://usa.tnsapi.cloud/call.cfm?apikey=**&command=paymentgateways&digitalname=**&cc=**&symbol=paypal&key=** Return = 0 or success Digital Name, cc, and key are required.
Credit History https://usa.tnsapi.cloud/call.cfm?apikey=**&command=paymentgateways&digitalname=**&cc=**&symbol=paypal&key= When using key = null it will trigger the api to delete the record