Speculator Program

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The Speculator Membership is a program that is offered by TNS. once the $49.95USD is paid, the membership is obtained and secured for a lifetime, which makes it possible for investors and speculators to take advantage of the bleeding edge of the Digital Names technology. The membership, which includes one Digital Name credit, offers:

  • The ability to use Digital Name Credits, for quick $name registration.
  • Access to the TNS bulk rate pricing to help expand your profit margins.
  • Premium customer support to help get your questions answered quickly.
  • Access to the TNS API system used to integrate with your B2C platform.

More about this program can be learned by visiting tnshosting.cloud/speculators.html. Additionally, mention of this program is made within the TNS Blockchain Community Group on the W3C (World Wide Consortium) website at w3c.org/community/tnsblockchain/.