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When it comes to the creation of a new Digital Name, the Write Commands of the TNS Digital Names API must be used. Currently, the Write Command category consists of two commands. The "Check Credits" command exists to verify that a reseller has enough credits in order to sell a user a Digital Names. "Add New Digital Name" generates a new Digital Name and places it within the TNS database.

List of Write Commands

Command Name Command Line Return Notes
Check Credits https://usa.tnsapi.cloud/call.cfm?apikey=**&command=checkcredits Number of credits returned as a float. Command: checkcredits
Add New Digital Name https://usa.tnsapi.cloud/call.cfm?apikey=**&command=addnamekey&DigitalName=**&cc=** Add new digital name cost = 1 credit. Command: addnamekey * required attribute DigitalName Using your customer code by default