Digital Name Wallet With Reseller API Commands

List Of Wallet And Reseller Commands

Developers who would like to build a Digital Name enabled crypto currency wallet that allows users to both buy Digital Names as well as store, send, and receive crypto currencies can use this collection of commands.

Note: "**" = placeholder for a value that must be provided by the developer.

Name Command Notes Return
Server Sync**&command=serversync Will sync server and API key. IP address synced.
Public Key Lookup**&command=keylookup&DigitalName=** Required attribute = DigitalName. Search for the public key associated with a Digital Name.
Check Credits**&command=checkcredits Will check credit balance for reseller apikey. The number of credits.
Digital Name Lookup**&command=namelookup&DigitalName=** Required attribute = DigitalName. Search for a Digital Name.
Add New Digital Name**&command=addnamekey&DigitalName=**&cc=** Optional "cc" = customer email or customer code. A new digital name is registered.
List Names Owned By User**&command=listnames&cc=** Required attribute = cc. List of Digital Names Owned by user represented by "cc".
List All Active Blockchains**&command=listcurrency&display=JSON Optional attribute display (display = JSON or HTML) A list of all blockchains that a Digital Name can be linked to is supplied in either JSON or HTML.
Add Blockchain Keys**&command=blockchainkey&digitalname=**&cc=**&symbol=**&key=** Digital Name, cc. symbol, and key are required. This command also allows you to change/update to another key. 0 (fail) or 1 (success) is returned.
Remove Blockchain Keys**&command=blockchainkey&digitalname=**&cc=**&symbol=**&key=null Must have "null" for key in order to delete the Digital Name. 0 (fail) or 1 (success) is returned.
List Digital Name Categories**&command=sellcats Optional "display=JSON or HTML". Returns a list of all selling categories.
List Digital Name For Sale**&command=sellname&digitalname=**&cc=**&cat=**&price=**&paymentaddress=** The digitalname, cc, cat, price, and paymentaddress are all required. 0 (fail) or 1 (success) is returned.
Cancel Digital Name For Sale Listing**&command=sellname&digitalname=**&cc=**&price=null The digitalname and cc are required. To remove listed status price must "=null". 0 (fail) or 1 (success) is returned.
Digital Name Expiration Date**&command=expdate&digitalname=** The required attribute is digitalname. 0 (fail) or success (the Digital Name expiration date is given.) is returned. Note, this does show in list names owned by use
Renew Digital Name**&command=renew&digitalname=**&term=** The digitalnameand term are required. 0 (fail) or 1 (success) is returned.
Cancel Digital Name**&command=canceldigitalname&digitalname=**&cc=** This will delete/remove the Digital Name. 0 (fail) or success (the Digital Name is removed.) is returned.